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Works of Fiction

Storytelling has been a passion since I was a little kid. In the 6th grade I got busted working on my first science-fiction short story during math class. At that age the usual punishment was having your distraction read aloud, typically an embarassing affair that involved passages like "Dear Susie, do you like me, check yes or no..."

In my case however, the reading brought the class to silence, broken only when the story abruptly ended unfinished. My punishment, as it were, was to finish the story (on my own time) so the ending could be read aloud in class. This only threw gasoline on the fire of my writing passion, and it burns brightly to this day. It would have come as no surprise to my teacher that my first novel came back to my sci-fi roots.



DScoversmall1Dominant Species is a character-driven work of military science-fiction, It presents an intimate, relentless survival scenario set against the grand mystique of a wrecked starship and her missing crew. I wanted to place an emphasis on real-world believability in my characters and draw on future-soldier technology from the file cabinets at DARPA. The story alternates between hard-hitting action and the exploration of themes central to our definition of humanity. It is a highly charged adventure of loyalty, duty and the ability to grow beyond our boundaries.

The book quickly rose to the #1 position on the Kindle bestseller list for both science fiction and military categories and garnered rave reviews from the sci-fi community. It was a dream to write a sci-fi novel at all, and a dream come true to see it meet with such success.

Mind you, every writer gets some good reviews if he is lucky, and some bad ones are a certainty; I've had both. But along the way, Dominant Species was ever-so generously compared to such classic future military titles as Starship Troopers, The Forever War and Armor. I make no such claims but it is an immense thrill for a lifelong sci-fi buff to even be mentioned in such esteemed company. Heinlein, Haldeman and Steakley are some of my biggest idols and inspirations.




I have had the great fortune to have my work appear in conjunction with a number of game franchises, to include the Brimstone series appearing on the INN network, covering the 120 million dollar online universe of Star Citizen. My short story Bad Monday was selected as a winner in the Tales of the Dead short story contest by Zenimax Online Studios regarding their blockbuster franchise, Elder Scrolls Online.



While my true love is fiction, the impact of time overseas and so intervening non-fiction projects derailed my novel-writing momentum... for a while. But I am happy to say that I am back on track developing a new sci-fi epic set a little closer to home. It holds true to the tenants of big action and roller-coaster pace. I hope to share a preview here shortly.